SoX Wrap

Version: 1.3

SoX Wrap is a wrapper for the conversion routines of the open source sound utility SoX (Sound eXchange). It transfers to and from the following formats: 8svx, aiff, al, au, avr, cdr, cvs, dat, flac, gsm, hcom, la, lu, maud, mp3, nul, ogg, prc, raw, sb, sf, sl, sph, smp, snd, sndt, sw, txw, ub, ul, uw, vms, voc, wav, and wve.

SoX Wrap is a free application. It’s merely a GUI wrapped around the standard distrubtion; an attempt to make SoX accessible for people unfamiliar with the UNIX environment that it runs in. I encourage anyone who is interested in the application and has some programming skill to visit SoX’s SourceForge page (linked above) and participate in the project.

Please note that SoX does not support the Sound Designer II format.

For help using SoX Wrap, and on the formats it handles, visit the help page.

OS Required: MacOS 10.3 or later


Download SoX Wrap.


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