Version: 1.1

Amber-X is a wrapper for the granular synthesis application Amber, written by Matt McCabe and Jennifer Bernard with a grant from the University of Richmond Undergraduate Research Committee and the Computer Music Studios of the University of Richmond.

Amber-X is a free application. I encourage anyone who is interested in Amber and granular synthesis to visit, the SourceForge project homepage for Amber.

Version: 1.3

Matriosity is a serial matrix creation tool. It allows users to enter in a prime row, either as numbers (1-11, and either 0 or 12 for C) or letters (C, C#, etc.). It then generates a serial matrix, displaying the data as per the users’ preference as numbers or letters, and displaying the prime form of the matrix’s dyads, trichords, tetrachords, and hexachords. Matrices created by Matriosity can be saved for later and printed. Version 1.2 supports matrices of different sizes and repeated pitches.

Matriosity is freeware. You can download and use it free of charge.

Version: 1.3

PresentArms is a slideshow program. It allows the user to create a show using a large variety of image types, and a playlist of songs to play while the slideshow is in progress. Slideshows can be played in both windowed and full screen mode, and can be looped if the user so desires. Finally, PresentArms allows the user to quickly see the projected length of the slideshow, along with the length of the playlist he or she has created.

PresentArms is freeware. You can download it and use it free of charge.

Version: .9.3b

PVCX is a MacOS X wrapper for Paul Koonce’s PVC package, featuring 26 instruments. PVCX attempts to make the PVC package easier to use by providing a GUI, contextual help for each parameter, automatic input and output conversion to and from WAV and AIFF, and a preview and delete feature allowing you to quickly preview the soundfile you’ve just created and throw it away if you don’t like it, to cut down on Finder clutter.

Currently, PVCX is in public beta. In a project of PVCX’s size there are bound to be some bugs, so in this stage it is available for download and usage.

Additionally, help is needed to fill in some of the help for the various parameters in the PVCX instruments. Every instrument has help for each text field, in addition to online help accessible here.

SoX Wrap
Version: 1.3

SoX Wrap is a wrapper for the conversion routines of the open source sound utility SoX (Sound eXchange). It transfers to and from the following formats: 8svx, aiff, al, au, avr, cdr, cvs, dat, flac, gsm, hcom, la, lu, maud, mp3, nul, ogg, prc, raw, sb, sf, sl, sph, smp, snd, sndt, sw, txw, ub, ul, uw, vms, voc, wav, and wve.

SoX Wrap is a free application. It’s merely a GUI wrapped around the standard distrubtion; an attempt to make SoX accessible for people unfamiliar with the UNIX environment that it runs in. I encourage anyone who is interested in the application and has some programming skill to visit SoX’s SourceForge page (linked above) and participate in the project.

Please note that SoX does not support the Sound Designer II format.


Waveform Software the moniker I made up for the work I did years ago mostly while at the University of Richmond dealing with audio/music. At this point it's all legacy though most of the apps do still work. I keep this site up so that the apps and their docs are still available for download. As for myself, nowadays I do web development.


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