Matriosity is a serial matrix generator and chord analyser. It can be used in the creation of serial music as a compositional aide. For a further explaination about serial music, try



Just plug your prime row into the row of text boxes across the center of the window. The matrix generated will automatically be the size of the row you entered. For example, if you fill in seven pitches, a 7x7 matrix will be generated.

Check the Display As Letters box if you'd like the results displayed as letters. You can enter the prime row as either as letters or numbers, sharps or flats, capital or lowercase. Matriosity doesn't currently accept double flats or double sharps.

Clear Prime Row deletes the prime row you have entered.

Once a matrix is generated, the prime form of its dyads, trichords, tetrachords and hexachords will be displayed above as long as no repeated pitches were used.

Row Playback

Row playback can be accessed via the Playback menu, or by pressing command-L. A panel will prompt the user to enter the desired row form to play. The format for entering a row is <row type><row number>. Row type can be I (inversion - top to bottom), RI (retrograde inversion - bottom to top), P (prime - left to right), or R (retrograde - right to left), capital or lowercase. The row number is 1-12. So, entering R12 will playing the 12th row down from right to left.

You must have already generated a matrix for row playback to function.


Waveform Software the moniker I made up for the work I did years ago mostly while at the University of Richmond dealing with audio/music. At this point it's all legacy though most of the apps do still work. I keep this site up so that the apps and their docs are still available for download. As for myself, nowadays I do web development.


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