Version: 1.3

Matriosity is a serial matrix creation tool. It allows users to enter in a prime row, either as numbers (1-11, and either 0 or 12 for C) or letters (C, C#, etc.). It then generates a serial matrix, displaying the data as per the users’ preference as numbers or letters, and displaying the prime form of the matrix’s dyads, trichords, tetrachords, and hexachords. Matrices created by Matriosity can be saved for later and printed. Version 1.2 supports matrices of different sizes and repeated pitches.

Matriosity is freeware. You can download and use it free of charge.

New this version:

  • Matriosity is now a Universal app.

For help using Matriosity, visit the help page.

OS Required: MacOS 10.2.8 or later


Download Matriosity.


Waveform Software the moniker I made up for the work I did years ago mostly while at the University of Richmond dealing with audio/music. At this point it's all legacy though most of the apps do still work. I keep this site up so that the apps and their docs are still available for download. As for myself, nowadays I do web development.


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