Version: 1.1

Amber-X is a wrapper for the granular synthesis application Amber, written by Matt McCabe and Jennifer Bernard with a grant from the University of Richmond Undergraduate Research Committee and the Computer Music Studios of the University of Richmond.

Amber-X is a free application. I encourage anyone who is interested in Amber and granular synthesis to visit, the SourceForge project homepage for Amber.

New this version:

- Compiled amber and libsndfile under MacOS 10.6.8 on Intel architecture.

For help using Amber-X, visit the help page.

OS Required: MacOS 10.2.8 or later


Download Amber-X.


Waveform Software the moniker I made up for the work I did years ago mostly while at the University of Richmond dealing with audio/music. At this point it's all legacy though most of the apps do still work. I keep this site up so that the apps and their docs are still available for download. As for myself, nowadays I do web development.


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