Amber-X 1.1 Released

- September 20, 2012 | Posted by Kenneth Hoffmann

Amber-X 1.1 has been released. This brings the application up to speed so that it works on Intel Macs.

SoX Wrap 1.3 Released

- August 22, 2012 | Posted by Kenneth Hoffmann

SoX Wrap 1.3 has been released. This version is Intel compatible and wraps SoX version 14.3, which adds FLAC support. Please visit the SoX Wrap product page to download.

SoX Wrap Source Code

- January 5, 2009 | Posted by Kenneth Hoffmann

Since I doubt I’ll ever get back to it, I’ve decided to release the Xcode project for another of my programs, SoX Wrap, probably the program most likely to be carried on by someone else. It could be pretty easily updated to a certain extent by updating its SoX binary and re-compiling the whole thing as a Universal app; if someone wants to do this, I can host it here, or you can do with it as you will. As with PVCX, SoX Wrap is built on a freeware/GNU app so it cannot be sold or profited from. Download link here:

PVCX Source Code

- June 28, 2008 | Posted by Kenneth Hoffmann

Looking back at my programs, I realized that one of them I’ll never really get back to; PVCX. PVCX was the first program of any real size that I wrote and it shows. It’s loosely organized and made more difficult by the fact that the PVC instruments themselves use different parameters, or sometimes the same parameter in different ways.

I do know that there is an audience, albeit small, for the app, as I’ve received emails from several computer music labs, professors, and students over the 3 or so years it’s been out there. It seems a shame for it to simply rot on my hard drive if there’s even a small chance that a person would be interesting in adding to it, rewriting it, or even just compiling it such that it works natively on an Intel Mac. I’d even be willing to host a new version of it since EngineHosting hooks me up with more bandwidth than I think I could possibly use.

PVCX is an Xcode project. It comes as-is; since I’m really not interested in maintaining it myself I can’t say I’d answer emails with questions about its code. If you’d like, you can download the full project here: (44 MB, zip archive)

PresentArms 1.3 & Future SoX Wrap

- March 13, 2008 | Posted by Kenneth Hoffmann

PresentArms 1.3 released. The version makes PresentArms a Universal binary, so bye-bye Rosetta. I’m also going to start working on a Universal version of SoX Wrap. That one’s more complicated; SoX is a UNIX app and uses several external libraries. I still don’t have an Intel Mac test machine, so if anyone wants to volunteer to beta test it, feel free to email me. Email’s on the Contact page.

New Site and Matriosity 1.3

- March 9, 2008 | Posted by Kenneth Hoffmann

New site, migrated to the ExpressionEngine platform.

I’ve also released Matriosity 1.3 as a Universal app. While I still don’t have an Intel Mac, I’m going to attempt to release Universal versions. No point in letting the apps die for lack of Intel compability when they’re just fine otherwise.

If you notice any bugs in Matriosity, please let me know. A Universal version of PresentArms will follow soon.


- April 19, 2007 | Posted by Kenneth Hoffmann

Regarding Universal binaries: I’m planning on releasing Universal binaries for every application listed here. However, right now I don’t personally own an Intel Mac, and that’s the holdup. I don’t want to claim something is fully functional on Intel chips without being able to test it myself and see it with my own eyes.

So how long is this going to take? Frankly, I was hoping I’d have the cash to get an Intel Mac by now. If it doesn’t happen in the next few months, I might just forge ahead and release Universals anyway as I think the day of the Intel Mac is irrevocably here now and I can’t hide behind the idea that Intel Macs haven’t penetrated the Mac userbase.

Amber-X 1.0

- November 10, 2006 | Posted by Kenneth Hoffmann

Amber-X 1.0 released. Fixes include a major cleanup of the audio code, thanks to Jennifer Bernard, as well as fixes for AIFF/WAV handling.


Waveform Software the moniker I made up for the work I did years ago mostly while at the University of Richmond dealing with audio/music. At this point it's all legacy though most of the apps do still work. I keep this site up so that the apps and their docs are still available for download. As for myself, nowadays I do web development.


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